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Vitax Natural Fruit Tree Grease

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Protect your fruit trees and pots with this easy to use brush on grease.

Deter winter moths, ants & many other crawling insects. Apply directly to bark, pots, benches and support posts.

Apply in autumn & renew in February

Directions for use:

For tree grease to be fully effective a complete barrier must be formed. Choose a suitable position on the trunk at least 45cm (18”) above ground level but below the lowest branch and remove any loose bark.

Using a stiff brush or spatula, form a ring approximately 10cm (4”) wide around the girth of the tree making sure that the tree grease is worked into any cracks or crevices.

Replenish if necessary to maintain stickiness.

The tree trunk is the main thoroughfare for many pests to attack fruit trees and the use of tree grease provides a simple and effective means of monitoring pest activity.
Pests such as the winter moth and mottled umber moth invade fruit trees in late October to early December whilst the March moth invades early spring.

Size: 200g