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Natural Fruit and Vegetable Nematodes

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Make ordering your nematodes for the season easy, just choose how many deliveries from the drop down list, then choose the date for each delivery from the calendars. Please allow a few days either side of the date selected for delivery.

The name of Grow Your Own Nematodes has changed to Natural Fruit & Vegetable Nematodes. These Natural Fruit & Vegetable Nematodes is the simple solution to control cabbage root fly,  cutworm, onion fly, sciarids, gooseberry sawfly, thrips, caterpillars and many more destructive pests challenging the grow your own gardener.

How to Order: The manufacturer recommends that nematodes are applied every 6 weeks. For single deliveries or multiple, follow the simple instructions below.

Step 1. Select the week you would like your nematodes delivered and then add them to your basket

Step 2. For multiple deliveries, just repeat step 1 remembering to select a different date each time. All the dates are for the "week commencing" so will arrive during that week. This gives you the choice of delivery dates so you can avoid times when you are not around.

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Containing a unique mix of nematodes, this pack is an extremely effective way of controlling multiple pests throughout the season giving you strong and healthy crops. It positively reduces the difficulty of identifying and controlling specific pest problems whilst being environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets and wildlife

Natural Fruit & Vegetable Nematodes are available in a pack to treat 60m2 of open ground, or up to 16 trees for Codling Moth.

The nematodes come complete with instructions and can be applied using a watering can or nematode applicator. You just apply to moist soil when the soil temperature is above 5ºC (41ºF) and ensure the soil does not dry out for at least two weeks after applying nematodes. Nematodes are capable of surviving the odd frost; so don't worry if the temperature falls after you have applied the nematodes.

Please note these are a live product and have an expiry date usually about 2 weeks - this product is non returnable.

Carrot Root Fly
Water into the soil shortly after carrot seeds germinate and the larvae will be quickly located by the nematodes. The Key application time is from late April/early May and from July when the soil temperature is above 12oC and when the threat of carrot fly is at its peak.

Cabbage Root Fly, Cutworm and Onion Fly 
Apply April to July. Apply after planting and repeat fortnightly throughout the growing season when pests are present. Apply as a drench around the roots of the plants or where the pest is present. Fortnightly application maintains control and catches subsequent generations.

Apply when pest is present in the vegetable patch and repeat application to control the pest.

The Sciarid is primarily a greenhouse pest. Apply when pest is present and repeat as necessary to control subsequent hatchings. Apply to soil in pots, growing bags and open soil.

Caterpillars and Gooseberry Sawfly
Apply as soon as the caterpillars are first seen applying to all leaf surfaces where the pest is present. Make sure to spray pests with a solution as caterpillars not directly sprayed will not be controlled. Repeat as necessary.

Thrips Apply as soon as the thrips are first seen applying to all leaf surfaces where the pest is present. Make sure to spray pests with a solution as thrips not directly sprayed will not be controlled. Repeat as necessary.

Codling Moth
Apply during September and October to the trunk of the tree/main branches and to an area of soil equal to the tree cover above. Make 3 applications at weekly intervals in total to make sure that all hatchings are caught.