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Medo Pruning and Grafting Sealant

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Ready to use pruning compound and grafting sealant from Vitax for ornamental and fruit trees.

Medo protects open wounds caused by pruning, accidental damage or grafting from invading fungal and bacterial parasites. The product forms an elastic waterproof skin with protectant and scar healing properties.

Size: 200g


Apply Medo to all open wounds, pruning or saw cuts on fruit and ornamental trees. Remove any loose hanging bark. Work the Medo into the wound by thorough brushing to produce a 2-3mm layer. For deep fissured bark repeat the treatment when dry.

For grafting:

When grafting or budding trees, roses or shrubs, secretly bond the graft or scion to the stock, then apply Medo all around the graft to form an elastic waterproof seal.

Size: 200g