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Leatherjacket Nematodes 100 sq.m

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Leatherjackets are the larval stage of the crane fly or daddy-long-legs. When the adult crane flies begin to appear they will, within a few days begin to lay eggs that will hatch and within a couple of weeks cause damage to your lawn. This usually takes place around the end of August but can happen sooner depending on the weather.

Leatherjacket nematodes stop the larvae of the crane fly and help prevent damage being caused to your lawn. 

Please note this product is perishable and needs to be kept refridgerated and used by the expiry date on the packet. The expiry date is will be around 2 weeks. 

The best time to apply this product is between August and September but can be used outside of the recommended dates and may still aid control.

This pack will treat up to 100sq.m

Please note these are a live product and have an expiry date usually about 3-4 weeks - this product is non returnable.