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2kW Greenhouse Heater

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This 2kw electric greenhouse heater will provide supplemental heat when the greenhouse gets cold at night, especially in the winter months. The heater can help to maintain a minimum and maximum temperature inside the greenhouse, which is necessary for many plants to survive.

The heater will also increase the temperature which some plants, such as tomatoes and peppers, require need to grow and thrive.

The heater will also enable you to extend the growing season by maintaining a warm temperature inside the greenhouse enabling  you to grow plants earlier in the spring and later in the Autumn than you would be able to outside.

The electric heater can also help to protect your plants from freezing temperatures.

This electric heater features two adjustable settings, a max-min temperature dial and fan controls, the combination of these results in a constant flow of warm air that encourages even heat distribution. This helps to reduce the risk of disease in your plants by eliminating all the cold areas in the greenhouse.

The heater is strong and long lasting thanks to its high-quality metal construction, it also very safe and features overheat protection.

H34cm x W21cm x D28.5cm

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