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Green Johanna Garden Composter

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The green johanna composter is a hot composter that will enable you to recycle all kinds of waste food, including cooked food, meat and fish.

It is a high capacity and high performing composter that will produce nutrient rich compost in only a matter of months. All you have to do is scrap the waste from your meal into the composter, this will avoid all the mess that comes with using kitchen bins. The composter has a base which in attached to the whole composter and this seperates it from the cheap standard composters.

It can be used with internal and external food waste caddie, which offers the perfect domestic food waste management system.

It reduces the amount of menthane producing waste that is sent to landfill areas, it is also made from 100% recycled plastic.

It contains a patented vented base and a lid aeration system which makes to easy for a safe aerobic digestion of food waste.

This composter comes supplied with a compost aerator. 

The winter jacket is specifically desgined to fit the Green Johanna. It is ideal for colder climates, allowing you to digest food all year round.

The jacket is made of foam polyethylene, it should be fitted when temperatures fall consistently below 5 degrees Celcius.

Size: 80 x 26.5 x 80cm. 330 litres. Weight approx 10kg.

Please note: Some assembly required.

Size: 80 x 26.5 x 80cm. 330 litres. Weight approx 10kg.

Please note: Some assembly required.

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