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Fast Grow Chicken Manure Pellets 10kg

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These chicken manure pellets are a 100% organic fertiliser which will help encourage strong root systems, foliage and fruit and vegetable growth.

It also encourages more worm activity which improves the soil quality by banding soil particles together.

Also great for encouraging new flower beds to grow.

Tree Pre-planting: 60g per hole. Apply to the base and top with soil. If there is poor soil add a further 30g. Water well.

Established trees: 500g per tree per year of growth. Apply evenly throughout the year.

Vegetable and flower beds: 150g per square metre prior to planting and 100g per square metre every 6-8 weeks.

Roses: 150g per plant applied every 8-10 weeks throughout the year.

Dig in/ Top Apply/ Mix with Compost

Increase yield by up to 40%

Reduce waste to landfill in excess of 90%

Use all year round

Use on bare root, fruiting/flowering plants, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, hedging, etc

Fast Grow is unique as they are the only company on the market in the UK and Ireland that actually source, treat, process and pellet all of their own product locally. All of their ingredients (Chicken manure and seaweed) come from Ireland (North and South).

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