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Encarsia Formosa - Parasitic Wasp

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The parasitic wasp Encarsia measures about 0.6 to 0.7mm and lays eggs into the whitefly larvae.  After 10 days the whitefly parasitized pupae die and turn black.  After another 10 to 14 days, new parasitic wasps leave the black pupae to infect further pupae. 

Adult whiteflies are small, white, ‘powderey’ insects (about 1 mm).  They feed on plant sap, which stunts the growth of the plant.  They also transmit several viruses that can cause plant disease.  Larvae and adults secrete a sticky substance (honeydew).  It makes the leaves (and fruits) dirty and sticky and causes fungal growth.

One packet includes 50 hanging cards containing 60 Pupae on each card (total 3000).


Encarsia are introduced as pupae on cards which are hung within the crop.

This parasitic wasp targets glasshouse whitefly. We generally say application of a card every 5-10 metres however, this would depend on the area, crop and level of infestation.

Encarsia is only active at 16oC or above.  It survives at lower temperatures but is not active.  The parasitic wasp will die if the temperature drops below 6oC.  Parasitic wasps are not harmful to humans, animals or plants.  The parasitic wasp can not survive without the presence of whitefly. 

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Instructions for use:

Separate individual cards by tearing strips along perforations.
Always handle cards by the tops. This prevents damage to Encarsia in the card recess circle.
Place or hang cards in a shady position level with lower leaves- making sure these are no in direct sunlight as we discussed these cards can be turned around so the back of the card is exposed and not the wasps.
Avoid contact with growing media.
Distribute cards uniformly throughout crop.
Ensure the cards don’t not get wet.

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