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easyMulch 400L (2 x 15kg bags)

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easy Mulch is the ultimate garden companion that transforms from a compact 15kg to a bountiful 200L, offering coverage for 4sqm and providing unmatched convenience and effectiveness in soil conditioning, moisture retention, and weed suppression. Crafted from clean, user-friendly pellets made with sustainable British straw.

Easy to Use & Multi-Purpose: easyMulch is a new easy-to-use, multi-purpose, organic straw pellet mulch. Its pellets expand effortlessly, protecting your plants, improving soil quality, deterring weeds, and retaining moisture.

Eco-Friendly & Carbon Neutral: easyMulch provides an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral alternative. As it decomposes, it enriches the soil and enhances its structure, promoting sustainable gardening practices.

Superior Results: Compared to traditional mulches, easyMulch offers superior results with improved insulation, plant growth, surface coverage, and weed suppression, up to an impressive 97%. It reduces the reliance on expensive fertilisers and harmful chemical weed killers, ensuring healthier plants and a greener environment.

No Need for Plant Clearance: Unlike Strulch, easyMulch doesn't require a space between it and the plant. You can use it directly around your plants, making it ideal for pots, planters, and even seedlings.

pH Neutral & Nutrient-Rich: With a pH of 6.8 and an NPK composition of 6-1.5-12.5, Simple Mulch enriches your soil with essential nutrients, promoting optimal plant growth and vitality.

Start by preparing the area you wish to mulch, ensuring it's clear of debris and weeds. Once the area is ready, evenly spread the easyMulch over the surface.

After application, thoroughly water the area to activate the mulch and help it settle into place. Ensure the mulch is moist but not waterlogged. Once the mulch has settled, use a rake to spread and level it as needed, maintaining its appearance and ensuring even distribution.

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