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Deer Netting Fencing

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You may never notice deer feeding in your garden, as they usually feed in the very early morning. deer netting is a cost effective, humane way to discourage deer from damaging your crops and vegetables.

Gardening Naturally extruded lightweight deer netting has a high tensile strength. This mesh is ideal as a deterrent against deer in small or large areas, meaning you can protect trees, plants and stop deer from getting into your garden or farmland.

Keeping deer away from your fruits and vegetables means that you get to keep more for yourself.

What is deer netting?

Deer netting is a cost-effective mesh fencing to deter deer and other animals that may feed off the vegetables you’ve planted.

Is deer netting durable?

Gardening Naturally deer netting is rot proof and blends into the background. It is a very strong, high tensile (80gms per square metre) netting that is durable whilst remaining light weight.

Is deer netting visible?

Black deer netting is almost invisible once in your garden and won’t obstruct any views. It will help prevent deer from feeding on your vegetables and fruits but won’t ruin the view.

Mesh size: 50mm x 50mm holes

Colour: Black

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Need help with your netting size?

Put the height of the cage, tunnel or vegetable plot (crop height for plots) then the width and the length, then just hit calculate.

Result (Width and Length) : 13m X 12m

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