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Deep Rootrainer Pack of 2

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Deep Rootrainers are suitable for propagating plants which have deep fast growing roots, you can cultivate nearly all plants, trees, shrubs, herbaceous, fruit and vegetables; those that have deep fast growing roots such as sweet peas, beans etc will really benefit.

Reusable – can last for years especially good for: sweetpeas, runner beans, broad beans, French beans, sweetcorn and strawberries.

Cells open like a book for easy transplanting without roots disturbance. Grooves direct roots straight down. ‘Air-pruning’ systems prevent pot-bound plants

Pack of 2

Each pack contains:

Cell Depth: 4¾" (12cm)

Tray Size: L: 15" (36cm)

W: 9" (22cm)

D: 3½"(9cm)

Cells per Tray: 32

Cells per Book: 4

Books per Tray: 8

Compost Volume: 175cc

Each pack contains: 1 holding tray, 8 books and a clear propagating lid.

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