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Cryptolaemus Montrouzieri - 25 Adults

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Both the larvae and adults attack all stages of mealybugs. If food is scarce they will eat soft scales and aphids. Introduce from late Spring to early Autumn.

When applying Cryptolaemus in greenhouses, introduce 2-3 adults/m². It is best applied during a cool time of the day. The presence of ants in the crop adversely affects the work of Cryptolaemus. Ants are very keen on the mealy bug's honeydew and therefore protect them against this predator.

The larvae looks like a large segmented mealybug and may be seen walking over plants. Adults lay eggs into mealybug egg masses, larvae develop and are predatory on all stages of the mealybug. The larvae feed on all species but adults need egg producing species for egg laying.

2-3 ladybirds per m2 on infested plants, repeat at 2 week intervals until predators are established.

One pack contains 25 adults.

One pack treats up to 10 sq.m

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These are applied straight to the crop and individually placed as close as possible to any infestations. Application later in the day with reduced daylight will increase the chances of establishment on the crop. For both the larvae and adults using a slip of paper and encouraging the Crypto onto it and then applying it straight to the areas where the mealybug is present is a good method of application.

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