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Green Cone Food Digester Composter

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The Green Cone is an effective food waste digester which uses a digestion chamber and solar cone to break down food and pet waste into nutrient rich water which exits the digestion chamber feeding the surrounding area. The Green Cone uses the power of the sun to break down the waste, this is known as hot composting and will break down food which cold composting cannot accomplish.

The Green Cone is easy and quick to put together, you just need to find a sunny spot where you can dig down in your garden to place it. This will not work on hard ground such as a patio.

There are two key factors to remember when locating and installing the Green Cone, it needs a bright sunny spot that also drains well. Both factors ensure a consistently high volume of food waste digestion for the natural absorption of its water residue into your garden.

You can compost most food items which include cooked food, meat, veg, fruit and peelings. You cannot put in grass cuttings, paper, or cardboard as these will slow the composting process.

If you have a naturally damp garden, you can create additional drainage by placing gravel, stones, and broken pots underneath the installed unit.

The Green Cone comes with a powder form accelerator to use when the digestion process has slowed down during autumn and winter.

Base diameter: 59cm (1ft 11¼in) x Lid diameter: 28cm (11in) x Height: 70cm (2ft 3½in)

Waste digestion chamber depth: 42cm (1ft 4½in)

Weight: 8.5kg

Using the accelerator powder.

The accelerator powder provided with the unit is a simple mix of natural bacteria on a cereal base. It has been specifically created to help maintain a healthy population of safe bacteria during colder and darker months. During these more dormant periods for the weather, shake a small amount of the powder into your Kitchen Caddy along with your normal food waste. Then simply dispose of the contents into the Green Cone as normal. We also recommend that you use the powder for the first week after installation to maximise the growth of the healthy bacteria from day one.

Once you have used all of the powder you can use our alternative accelerators to keep your composter working at peak performance.

Gardening Naturally compost accelerator.

Bokashi Bran.


STEP 1. Initially just take a little time to have a real look around your garden, you want to meet the installation criteria of sunshine and drainage - but you also want to put the cone in a convenient spot for filling with household waste. It should be easy to get to in the colder, darker months when you may not want to venture out as often. And it should be a hardly noticed addition to the garden when blooming during spring & summer.

STEP 2. With your perfect spot chosen it’s time to dig the foundation hole for the unit. Option one - good drainage: Dig 70cm (28”) wide and 54cm (22”) deep Option two - Poor drainage: Dig 90cm (36”) wide and 70cm (28”) deep If you are still unsure on the drainage of your garden, simply dig the shallower of the two holes and empty in a bucket of water. If it drains in a few minutes move onto step three if it takes longer than 15 minutes dig to the deeper level.

STEP 3. Before placing the Green Cone in the hole, mix some of the dugout soil with a little compost and gravel. This will be used to pack in the unit and to aid with filtration of the nutrient rich water into the surrounding ground.

STEP 4. First, put some of the mix back into the hole then lower in the cone, you want the basket to sit 3cm (1”) below ground level. With the unit in place -ensuring the bottom lip of the outer cone is below ground level – back fill the remaining gaps with the rest of your soil, compost, and gravel mix. Please note: After heavy rain, the soil level may drop around the unit, check every few weeks and top up with soil should you need to, always ensuring the green lip is under the ground. It is also worth noting that the base of the basket should never fall below the water table.

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