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Compost Aerator For Turning Compost Darlac DP788

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The Darlac compost aerator makes turning compost easier and is an essential for superior fertiliser production. This simple to operate tool pushes directly into the compost heap and as it is retracted the 'winged' blades open and create pockets inside the compost.

This process will encourage micro-organisms and efficiently break down all compost matter. Easy to use with 2 handles instead of one, with less strain and easy on the back breaking.

Push Aerator into compost as far as possible Pull back slightly deploying folding ‘wings’ Twist and remove to create airways and stimulate decomposition

Why choose the Darlac Compost Aerator?

This product is ideal for anyone with a compost heap or bin. When used regularly the compost aerator helps decomposition by decreasing the compaction and providing air to the microorganisms in the heap. This will help to speed up the decomposition giving you better compost in shorter time. This product has been highly recommended by gardening experts and its t-shaped handle makes it easier to use than some of the single handed tools available on the market. The T handle allows you to twist the tool easily while pulling from the heap which is essential for maximum aeration.

Two Wings Compost Tool

This long-handled aerator is used to mix and aerate compost. Unlike many aerators, it has wings that fold flat against the shaft for easy insertion but unfold when it is pulled out again, providing a lifting and stirring action. The resultant mixing of air and exposure of material to the surface assists oxidation, speeds decomposition, and helps to eliminate odours caused by anaerobic micro-organisms.


The handle is 39cm wide and 78 cm long.

Each stirrer is 13cm opening to 28cm.


The Compost Aerator is lightweight at just 960g.

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