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Electronic Cat Deterrent CatWatch RSPB approved

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CATwatch - the RSPB approved ultrasonic cat deterrent to keep cats away from the garden and covers up to 125 sq. m.

CATwatch actually trains even the most persistent feline visitor to stay out of your garden for good, that's what makes CATwatch different.

Tested and approved by the RSPB, following a two year field trial.

This product does not harm cats and is completely harmless to all species.

Powered by a single Duracell battery or by the additional mains adapter which can be purchased seperately.

For Optimum performance of the product use of Duracell battery is recomended. 

Made in the UK

How it works:

motion sensor detects movement in the protected area

the unit triggers an ultrasonic burst, which will repeat until the cat leaves the protected area

A red light behind the lens indicates that the CatWatch unit has been triggered.

Why it works:

Unlike many pest deterrents that operate continuously, CatWatch waits for the animal to enter the protected area

Internal sensor detects the crossing of a warm body in the field of view.

Powerful ultrasonic sound burst startles the animal

The cat learns that going in the protected area causes an unpleasant occurrence, therefore they stay away.

When you switch CATWatch on, it automatically checks the power source and when it is working properly you will hear a series of clear bleeps. In the unlikely event of a problem developing, the red light behind the lens and/or the electronic click heard as the unit activates will stop working. As we cannot hear the alarm this ensures that you can easily check that is CATWatch working correctly.

Detection Area:

With a range angle of 100˚ CatWatch detects any cat movement and body heat within a radius of 40ft (12m).

Ultrasonic Range:

Cats are repelled by ultrasound up to a distance of 60ft (18m).

Mains adapter not included

CatWatch can be powered by 1 x Duracell 9v alkaline battery which last 2 to 3 months depending on the number of activations. Catwatch is up to 30% more powerful when powered using the mains adaptor as opposed to batteries.

Made in the UK, 2 year manufacturer's warranty

CatWatch is harmless to dogs. However smaller breeds such as pomeranians and chihuahuas might be able to hear the ultrasonic sound. It will not bother them but it is advised to keep an eye on them on the rare occassion that the noise does effect them. 

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