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Bird Humming Line Bird Scarer

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To stop birds eating your crops, just stretch this birdscarer humming tape between two stakes, it works by emitting a penetrating humming vibration that birds cannot tolerate.
It is also ideal for protecting newly sown lawns or keeping seagulls away from your yacht.
This simple product is a very effective birdscarer. It does not harm the birds and is easy to use. It also helps deter rabbits and other garden pests.
Place the tape between two stakes and even with a slight breeze it will start to vibrate and emit a humming sound also light reflecting off the tape adds to its birdscaring ability.

Comes in a 30m (100ft) reel.

Simply erect the buzzline on canes above the area you want to protect and keep taut. The breeze will cause the taut line to vibrate creating a noise that birds will keep away from

Stretch tautly, taking care to avoid twisting, in lengths of about 5 mtrs and at a height of about 1mtr (3ft) above the ground. Lines should be repeated at varying angles to ensure that they run across the direction of the wind


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