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Box Tree Caterpillar Nematodes Treats Up To 60sq.m

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Box Tree Caterpillar Nematodes are a targeted solution designed to combat the prevalent summer pest, the box tree caterpillar, which has become increasingly noticeable across the UK. This specialised nematode mix, covering up to 60sqm, is formulated with Steinernema nematodes, strategically targeting the caterpillar, effectively killing the pest, and reproducing inside to release more nematodes into the surrounding environment.

Box tree caterpillars, emerging in significant numbers, encase box trees in webs as they develop. As they hatch, these caterpillars swiftly defoliate the plant, consuming leaves and stems, hindering photosynthesis, and potentially leading to the death of untreated plants. Gardening Naturally Box Tree Nematodes offer a proactive solution, requiring application during the caterpillars' most active period between March and October.

Pest Appearance: Hatching as green and yellow caterpillars with a black head, they mature and develop black and white stripes on their bodies.

Infestation Indicators: Gardeners become aware of box tree caterpillar infestations when they observe defoliation, discover webbing, and notice caterpillars on box plants.

Initial Signs: Caterpillars consume box leaves, producing webbing over their feeding area. Plants may also display patches of dieback, particularly noticeable on trimmed plants.

Ideal Application Conditions/Soil Temp: Avoid exposing nematodes to freezing or high temperatures. The minimum soil temperature for application is 10 degrees.

Storage Guidelines: Store nematodes promptly after delivery, keeping them in the fridge or below 5 degrees until the expiry date on the package.

Application Tips: If using over plants, water them within 30 minutes of application to wash the nematodes off the leaves and back onto the soil. The soil should be kept moist for three to four weeks after application.

Wet foliage before application. 1. Make a stock solution by emptying one sachet into 2.5L of water and stir continuously. Once mixed this solution needs to be used within 4 hours. 2. Take 2.5L of the stock solution and pour into your sprayer and mix with 4.5L of water stirring continuously to make a 7L solution. 3. Apply the solution as a foliar spray and directly make contact with the pest. Start spraying plants from the bottom up ensuring that the centre of the plant is treated. Alternatively, you can apply with a watering can, but ensure the bush is thoroughly soaked. Each sachet will treat up to 30m2. At least 250- 500ml of nematode solution should be applied per square metre. One nematode sachet is suitable for one treatment – repeat second treatment after 5/7 days. Check regularly for new caterpillars and repeat treatment if necessary.

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