Why Do I Need To Grease Band My Trees

Why Do I Need To Grease Band My Trees

Why Do I Need To Grease Band My Trees

Glue/grease bands are ideal for protecting fruit trees especially  apple, plum, pear and cherry from winter moth caterpillars. 

These caterpillars can feed on fruit buds and reduce the amount of fruit produced. 

Glue bands do not protect against codling moth or plum moth (the major cause of maggots in apples and plums) as these moths have winged females and are active midsummer when night temperatures are above 

Several winter moths have wingless females which, after emerging from the soil, climb the tree to mate and lay their eggs. The caterpillars of these moths eat the leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs during late March to early June

The glue bands trap these wingless females before they reach the branches and lay eggs. Winter moth is the most troublesome of these moths, it emerges as adults during November to mid-January

When To Put Up Grease/Glue Bands

It is important to time the fitting correctly so that it protects your tree from the winter moth;

Glue should be placed on trunks and tree stakes about 45cm (18in) above soil level in October, before the adult moths emerge in November

Some species with wingless females are active until April

The glue band needs to be kept sticky and free of debris from late October until April

Smooth the glue band onto the bark to ensure moths cannot crawl under it.

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