Vine Weevil in the Garden UK

Vine Weevil in the Garden UK

What is vine weevil?

Vine weevil is a beetle that attacks plants, especially those grown in containers inside or out. It is a huge problem in the UK and very common.Vine weevil is an insect which feeds on plants especially those grown in pots. Adult vine weevil eat leaves and the grubs eat roots.

What do vine weevil grubs look like?

The grubs are 10mm long, white, legless and have light brown heads. 

What damage do the vine weevil grubs cause? 

It is the soil dwelling grub of the vine weevil which causes most of the damage during autumn and winter they feed on the roots of plants causing them to wilt and often die.

What do vine weevils look like?

Adult weevils are a dull black colour with yellow/gold markings on its wing case. They are approximately 9mm long 

What damage do adult vine weevil cause? 

The adult weevils just eat leaves during spring and summer and rarely cause enough damage to affect the vigour of plants. All adults are female, and each can lay several hundred eggs during spring and summer. The eggs are less than 1mm in size so are very difficult to see.

Is vine weevil a big problem in the UK?

Vine weevil is a widespread problem in Britain. Maintaining control is important, quite often gardeners think they have rid their gardens of this pest only to find it reappears.

How do I get rid of vine weevil?

Nematop is an adult vine weevil trap which contains nematodes which penetrate the adults and they soon stop feeding.

Sticky grease bands can also be used to stop the adults climbing the pots or containers. These clear grease bands are much more pleasing to the eye than the green bands.

A natural control is to use nematodes, these are microscopic worms (not visible by humans). They come as a powder formula which you mix with water, pop into the watering can and just water on to the pots or containers. For best results always keep the soil moist as the nematodes can move around the soil much better when the soil is moist. 

Encourage natural enemies, vine weevils and their grubs are eaten by a variety of predators such as birds, frogs, toads, shrews and hedgehogs. 


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