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Anti Bird Netting for Fruit & Vegetable Protection

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Bird Net for the Garden

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This black tangle free bird netting is ideal for stopping the birds eating your fruit and vegetables in the garden or allotment. Just lay directly over the crops, hoops or fruit cages.

Our high quality, heavy duty anti bird netting is brilliant for laying directly over your soft fruit bushes or trees. The bird netting guarantees more of your fruit and vegetables for yourself.

Where can I use anti bird netting?

It can be used for covering fruit and vegetables, covering garden cages or garden hoops. It will protect your garden against birds without harming them. It is also tangle free.

What size is our anti bird netting?

The anti bird netting mesh is 20mm x 20mm, diamond mesh which will deter unwanted visitors whilst allowing the bees through to pollinate.

What is our anti bird netting made from?

Made from high tensile strength, UV stabilised, double stitched HDPE, our anti bird netting mesh is soft to the touch and will last for many years.

Please Note:

The length of the netting is overcut by 25% once the width is stretched to correct size the length will be correct. This is very important if you plan to cut the netting into different lengths.

When buying by the metre, just pop the number of metres you require in the qty box, it will come in one length.

We also sell green bird netting.

How to Install anti bird netting?

Lay directly over the crop or over hoops and cages. Ensure enough slack for the crops to grow in your garden. Bury the ends and secure with pegs. 

Anti Bird Netting FAQs

What is the benefit of anti bird netting?

The main benefit of using anti bird netting for your fruit and vegetables is that it protects your fruit and vegetables and stops birds eating them. Birds can do a lot of damage to a crop very quickly and can also spread diseases to your crops.

Netting is a good anti bird measure as it is a humane way to put a barrier between your garden crops and birds. It’s also one of the more durable and long-lasting anti bird measures.

How long does anti bird netting last?

Anti bird netting is very durable, and the mesh made to last many years, it won’t easily rip or tear. However, make sure to check regularly to see if there are any repairs needed.

Is Anti bird netting safe?

Our anti bird netting is made from robust materials, that are difficult to rip or tear, meaning it is more difficult for birds to get trapped, or to find a way through. It is important to also make sure the anti bird netting is secure and there is no way for a bird to get underneath the mesh. 

Black, doublestitch, mesh size 20mm x 20mm

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Monofilament netting (37gr/m2 ).

High Tensile Strength. UV stablised and rot proof. Tangle Free.

NB: This netting does not fray and can be cut using scissors

A very strong but soft mesh

Colour: Black

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Need help with your netting size?

Put the height of the cage, tunnel or vegetable plot (crop height for plots) then the width and the length, then just hit calculate.

Result (Width and Length) : 13m X 12m