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Ecofective's WeedBlast Fast Acting Natural Weedkiller 1 Litre Spray

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Ecofective's WeedBlast is a ready to use and capable weed killer that uses acetic acid and a co-formulation of natural ingredients that will control annual and perennial weeds in gardens, patios, paths and gravel. You will see visible results within 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions at the time of application. The quick-drying formula means that it is safe to seed or plant 24 hours after the application as well as being harmless to pets, children and wildlife once dry.

WeedBlast is not temperature reliant so can be used all year round when there is no frost.

Size: 1 litre spray provides up 35m² coverage.

Spray directly onto the weed. Ideally, use in the spring and repeat when necessary over the season, up to a maximum of 6 applications per year. Best applied on a dry calm dry and applying at no more than 100ml/m².


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