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Tomato Crop Booster Frame Or Cover

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This tomato frame is a fantastic support system which will give your tomatoes more support which will lead to higher yields.

As tomato plants grow, traditional ties attached to canes can become tight and start to damage the plant stems and restrict growth. The Tomato Crop-Booster allows the stem to gently lean on the support and continue growing without constraint. The unique design means the support bars can be easily slide up as the plant grows or unclipped to make bigger movements.

The frame can also withstand bigger branches keeping both the leaves and fruit off the ground where they are vulnerable to pests.

The tomato booster frame also has the advantage of becoming a mini-greenhouse with the frame cover (item sold separately) helping to protect crops from adverse weather and pests while the fruit ripens.

Size of frame - length 100cm x height 160cm x width 50cm

Size of cover - length 100cm x height 160cm x width 50cm

Please note the cover and frames are sold as seperate items. 

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