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Netting Tunnel Kits Square Aluminium Hoops ASHT

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Our square aluminium garden hoop and netting kits offer the perfect robust solution for complete crop protection.

Comes complete with a cover of your choice, clips for securing the netting and steel pegs.

Choose from either our bird netting, Veggiemesh insect netting, ultra fine Veggiemesh, protection butterfly netting, 30g fleece or soft butterfly netting covers.

Available in 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m lengths.

The hoops and netting will last for many years so you will not need replacing every year.

Each tunnel is 0.8m high and 1.15m wide. This is the erected size once pushed into the soil 12cm. Actual hoop size is 0.92m high x 1.15m wide. We recommend spacing the hoops around 1m apart.

Cover Choice

Bird Netting Black - Mesh Size: 20mm x 20mm, diamond mesh. Keep out larger garden pests like birds, cats etc. Made from high tensile strength, UV stabilised, doublestitch HDPE, our bird netting is soft to the touch and will last for many years.

Bird Netting Green - Mesh Size: 19mm x 19mm, diamond mesh. Keep out larger garden pests like birds, cats etc. Made from high tensile strength, UV stabilised, doublestitch HDPE, not as soft to touch as our normal black bird netting but still a relatively soft mesh.

Veggiemesh Insect Netting - Veggiemesh will keep out a wide range of garden pests including cabbage root fly, carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, leek moth, cutworm, onion fly, leaf miners and many species of aphids.Mesh size: 1.35mm x 1.35mm.

Ultra Fine Insect Netting -Ultra fine insect netting is a top quality garden netting which works the same way as standard Veggiemesh but it has smaller holes which enable you to grow fruit and vegetables free from insect damage including flea beetle, allium leaf miner and whitefly damage. Mesh size: 0.8mm x 0.8mm.

Soft Butterfly Netting Black/Green - Prevents cabbage white butterflies and birds ruining your vegetables. Made from strong HDPE and UV stabilised, it feels more like a soft fabric to touch and will last for many years. 7mm x 5mm mesh size.

Polythene - 150 gauge polythene which has many different uses around the garden. Protects plants from the wind and rain as well as providing effective greenhouse insulation to crops and tender plants. Will also help to keep out insect pests and damage from small birds. Can be used to cover hoops or frames to create polytunnels.

30g Fleece - Provide enhanced frost protection (-5/6ºC) for tender plants and shrubs as well as protecting early potatoes with our strong, UV stabilised, spun bonded, 30g Warmacrop™ fleece.

Size: These hoops stand at an erected height of 80cm (2 ft 7 in) and are 1.15m (3 ft 9 in) in width. The actual size of these hoops are 92cm High x 115cm wide and need to be pushed into the soil roughly 12-15cm's.

Each kit includes:

2m Tunnel (3 Hoops), 3m Tunnel (4 Hoops), 4m Tunnel (5 Hoops), 5m Tunnel (6 Hoops), 6m Tunnel (7 Hoops).

6 clips per hoop(these are replaced by crop cover clips when ordering a fleece cover because the clips can damage the material).

Steel pegs for securing the fabric to the ground.

Cover of your choice.

The diameter of the hoops are 19mm with a wall thickness of 0.9mm. The internal diameter is 17.2mm.

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