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Slug, Snail & Weed Mat 1.8 Wide

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A black fabric impregnated with copper that acts as a barrier to deter slugs and snails.

When slugs and snails attempt to move onto the fabric they feel discomfort and either move off or stay still.

Place under pots and containers or grow plants through the fabric, protecting them from slug and snail attack.

Easy to cut and plant through.

A safe, non chemical, non toxic method of slug control.

The fabric can be reused many times.

Width: 1.8m, just select the length you require

Always lay the mat with the dark side facing upwards.

Ensure there are no slugs or snails on the plants

If plants are in pots, remove any slug or snail eggs (white, globular, 2-3mm in diameter, normally found in clumps near to the edge of pots).

Do not allow plant foliage to hang over the edge of the fabric as this will enable the slugs and snails to access the plant avoiding the mat.

Ensure there is no debris on the mat (soil and leaves) as this will reduce the efficiency.

Where to use:

Pots: Cut the matting, ensuring there is a 10-15cm barrier around the pot.

Individual plants: Cut a piece of material large enough to protect the whole plant, (remember to allow for growth of the plant). Cut to the centre of the material and make small slits around the centre, this will enable you to easily place around the plant.

Flower Beds & Vegetable Rows: Lay on the soil, cut crosses in the fabric and plant through the crosses.


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