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Revive Soil Improver

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Treatment of soil with Revive should help restore the natural balance and give healthier crops.

Where the soil is cropped intensively the balance of micro-organisms changes, an increase in organisms can cause specific disease problems or 'Soil Sickness'.

Revive should always be diluted before use. Use the diluted product within 48 hours.

For treatment of soil or composts dilute 25mls of Revive in 2 litres of water. New compost and growbags should be watered with Revive at planting.

Fruit and vegetable beds should be treated in the Spring and Autumn. 25mls of Revive (diluted as above) will treat up to 25sq. metres. Individual plants may also be watered at the roots.

Treat lawns Spring and Autumn, using 25mls of Revive diluted per 10sq. metres.

As a dip treatment, dilute 25mls of Revive with 0.5 litres of water.

Plant roots, bulbs, tubers, corms and seeds may be dipped before planting.


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