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Portable Slug Trap

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Portable Slug and Snail Traps which can be used anywhere in the home, garden or greenhouse. Complete with totally safe bait harmless to pets and wildlife.

The specially formulated bait will attract slugs and snails from a distance of up to two metres. Just sprinkle the contents of the sachet onto the water and stir gently to mix. Place the lid on the trap and set up on any level surface in the home, garden or


Check the trap daily, by removing the lid and gently lifting the inner container, allowing the attractant to run back into the trap. Tip the contents out, the dead slugs are harmless to wildlife.

Single includes just one slug trap

Pack of 3 includes three slug traps and one slug bait(16 doses, each dose lasting 2/3 weeks. Harmless to pets and wildlife).