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Pond Doctor Green Water

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Green Water Treatment is the safe and friendly way to remove green water from your garden pond.

Pond Doctor Green Water Treatment works like magic on suspended green Algae's removing them through flocculation.

All ponds will at some point time suffer Algae growth. There are many species of algae including the ones that cause green water. Pond Doctor Anti Green Water treatment enables you to quickly create clear water without affecting the ponds biological balance

250ml, Treats 1,250 Gallons (5,688 Litres)

500ml, Treats 2,500 Gallons (11,375 Litres)

Dose rate: Add 10ml per 225 litres (50 gallons) of pond water.

1. Shake bottle and remove cap (measure side).

2. Squeeze to fill measure

3. Pour into pond. Repeat once only after one week if necessary. Add treatments with sufficient time to observe fish behaviour.

4.Remember to calculate pond volume correctly: Length (ft) x Width (ft) x Depth (ft) x 6.5 = Gallons. 1 gallon = 4.5 litres.

Why Use Anti Green Water?

Green Algae spoil the appearance of any pond destroying the biological balance, damaging plants and even killing fish. Pond Doctor Anti Green Water treatment will safely remove unwanted algae to provide clear water enjoyment