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Plant Invigorator from Neudorff

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Strengthen plants as they grow with Neudorff€™s brand new Plant Invigorator. The formula aids the optimal nutrition of ornamental and edible plants, helping to make them strong, resilient and less likely to be attacked by pests and fungal diseases.

The formula contains a combination of fatty acids and algae extract. It is suitable for vegan use, and there is no waiting time between using the spray and harvesting your fruit and vegetables. In line with Neudorff€™s ethos of developing products that work in harmony with nature, the new Plant Invigorator is safe to use around pets and has no toxicity to bees and other beneficial insects.

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable; long dry spells mixed with wind and heavy rain in the summer, and frost and waterlogging in winter can all contribute to weakening and causing stress in plants. Unfavourable weather conditions can also promote fungal diseases.

spray plants and undersides of leaves until dripping wet.

Plant Invigorator is available in 750ml ready to use spray bottle