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Organic Rose Feed from Neudorff

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This organic liquid compound fertiliser is made from organic products and the natural fermentation by-product of processing sugar beet with outstanding fertiliser properties (100 % sugar beet vinasse).

Child and pet safe.

For big, beautiful and fragrant roses.

Contains vitamins, enzymes and vegetation supporting substances which enhance plant growth and promote flower development.

Can also be used for seramis cultures.

Makes up to 200 L of feed.

Feeding recommendations:

Feed indoor roses every 2 weeks (5ml per litre of water).

Please note:

-Double the amount of feed for potted roses on patios (10ml per litre of water).

-Roses that remain warm in the winter should be fed once every 4 weeks, whereas roses that remain cold should not be fed at all.

-Not suitable for hydroponic cultivation.

-Makes up to 200L of feed.

The effects of the nutrients will last 2-4 weeks.

Instructions for use (to make 4L):

Shake well before use. Unscrew the measuring cap closure. Cut the tip of the pointed insert cap with scissors or a knife. Fill the watering can with 2L of water. Measure out 20ml of organic rose feed and add it to the water. Use the prepared fertiliser solution within 24 hours. If kept longer, the solution may start to smell due to decomposition of the natural ingredients.

Tip: Organic Rose Feed should be added to the soil no later than 4 weeks after reporting into a new bed, flower pot or window box. This enables the plants to receive more whole organic nutrition.

1 litre concentrate bottle

Makes up to 200 L of feed

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