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Organic Orchid Feed From Neudorff

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This organic orchid liquid compound fertiliser from Neudorff is child and pet safe the NPK 3-1.5-5 it is derived from organic products and the natural fermentation by-product of processing sugar beet with outstanding fertiliser properties (100% sugar beet vinasse).

A balanced nutrient formula promoting healthy growth and excellent flowering. The thickness and rich odour of the fertiliser are signs of the excellent quality. Safe to use around humans and animals. Not suitable for hydroponic cultivation.

250ml concentrate bottle makes up to 50 Litres of feed. Duration of nutrient effect: 2-4 weeks.

Instructions for use:

Shake well before use.
Unscrew the measuring cup closure.
Cut the tip of the insert cap with scissors or a knife.
Fill the watering can with 0.5L of pH neutral water.
Measure out 5ml of Neudorff Organic Orchid Feed and add it to the water.
Add in a further 0.5L of water.
Use the prepared fertiliser solution within 24 hours. If kept for longer periods, even in the pot, the solution may start to smell due to decomposition of the natural ingredie.

Feeding recommendations: Orchids consume very low levels of nitrogen, therefore the plants should be fertilised using Neudorff Organic Orchid Feed and pH neutral water every 4 weeks at a dilution rate of 5ml per litre.

Plants which remain warm in the winter should only be fertilised every 8 weeks, whereas plants that remain in colder conditions during this period should not be fertilised at all.