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Natural Organic Lawn Feed with Root Enhancing Mycorrhiza

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The Ecofective organic lawn feed with root enhancing mycorrhizal fungi will help you create the perfect lawn this organic-based feed which will meet all your lawn care needs without using chemicals.

The highly effective mycorrhizal fungi work with the roots encouraging a stronger system and improving resistance to stress and drought conditions.

The fertiliser granules are naturally slow-release, which gives a longer-lasting effect that can last up to 8-10 weeks, this injunction with the seaweed extract that acts as a natural tonic for your lawn. This combination of natural ingredients will leave your grass thicker, greener and stronger, which will then out-compete the growth of weeds and moss.

This product is child, pet and bee safe with no strong smells like some of the other organic alternatives available.

The 4kg pack will treat up to 150m².

The NPK ratio is 9-7-7.

Shake contents before use and apply 27g to every 1m² (this is about a handful).

For best results apply between March - September.


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