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Nite Nite Spider Mite 250ml

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Provides an effective, easy application solution to controlling Spider Mite pests. This formula is made with all natural ingredients.

Targets spider mites.

It works by conditioning the leaves of your plants to make them a very inhospitable environment for spider mites to live in.

100% natural ingredients.

Prevents infestation.



Add to warm water at a rate of 25ml per 500ml. Mix Nite Nite Spider Mite concentrate in a suitable sprayer, shake well until thoroughly mixed and apply.


Spray onto plants, ensuring all surfaces are wetted. It is essential to ensure good spray coverage of the sites where spider mites are found, including the underside of the leaf. Apply at the end of the day and leave to work overnight or when lights are off. Apply when you see there is a problem. Use mixed solution within 6 hours.