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Nematode Applicator for Long Life Nematodes

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For easy and effective application of Neudorff Nematodes.

Simply mix & spray. 

Fits onto a standard hose pipe.

Please note that nematodes are sold seperatley and that this product will ony work with the long life nematodes.

Directions for use:

1. Water the lawn/soil: Neudorff nematodes are best applied when the lawn/soil is wet.

2. Prepare the NemaSprayer: Fill the NemaSprayer with water to the appropriate fill line. Drop the relevant number of sachets into the filled sprayer and shake it until the sachets are fully dissolved - there is no need to handle the nematodes! Attach a garden hose to the sprayer attachment, ensuring firm connection.

3. Apply the nematodes mixture on to the lawn/soil: To start spraying with the Neudorff NemaSprayer, turn the switch from ''Water OFF'' to ''Water ON''. Begin the treatment on the most pest damaged areas of your lawn/growing area and spray outwards from this area until the entire lawn/growing area has been treated.

4. Further treatment: Keep the treated lawn/soil moist for the next three days (one week in dry weather) to ensure that the nematodes are watered down to the roots.

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