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RHS Weed Killer

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The RHS weed killer is a fast acting and effective weed killer for annual and perennial weeds on hard surfaces like paths, patios and gravel. It is a non-selective weed and moss killer active against most soft plant tissue with which it comes in contact. Weeds or moss are controlled by covering their foliage completely with spray. The treated foliage of moss and weeds begins to wither and die. 

Annual weeds with small roots and moss may die back completely but re-treatment will usually be necessary, especially to keep down perennial weeds. Ideally spray in spring and repeat as necessary over the growing season.

Bio-degradable so once dried children and pets can enter the treated areas.

Contains acetic acid and a patented co-formulation of natural ingredients to burn unwanted weeds effectively.

Available in 1 litre and 5 litre ready to use sprays. You will need to use your own sprayer should you purchase the 5 litre bottle.

1 litres provides up to 35sq metre coverage.

5 litres provides up to 175sq metre coverage.


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