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Natural Compost Accelerator from Agralan

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Speed up the composting process without using chemicals. A biological compost accelerator containing specially selected microbes and enzymes which will speed up the composting process.

A general purpose formula for use on compost heaps, bins and tumblers, may be used wet or dry.

Contains 5 sachets each sachet will treat up to 15 bin bags

Open a sachet and add to a full watering can. Stir briefly and then sprinkle on to fresh material. Alternatively, the product can be mixed with sand dry soil and sprinkled over the waste that way.

Treat each layer with Agralan Compost Maker as you build the compost heap. Shredding the material, or cutting into smaller pieces, and mixing the various types, i.e. grass, pruning’s, household waster ect. Will help speed up the process. For really top quality, turn the heap regularly. Once complete, leave the heap to compost on to the garden as mulch or soil conditioner. Any uncomposted material should be left to form the basis of the next heap.

One sachet treats up to 600L

Safe and non-toxic

Includes 5x sachets


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