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Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger Soluble

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This Mycorrhiza root enlarger is a highly effective solution, increasing the size of a plants root system by up to 150 times.

Encourages healthy and vigorous growth and strengthens the plant against pests and diseases. Increases effectiveness of any fertiliser used. Improved frost resistance, drought and unfavourable pH conditions.

Not Suitable for use on rhododendrons, heathers, blueberries and other ericaceous plants.

A handy soluble format which includes all the benefits of the non soluble version.

No replanting necessary.

Helps to increase the size of the root system by up to 150%.

Increase the strength of your plants to help protect them against pests and diseases.

5 x 1g is sufficient for approx. 25 plants.

1 Pack includes 5 x 1g sachets.