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Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger for Ericaceous Plants

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Specially formulated for rhododendrons, heathers, blueberries and other ericaceous plants from Neudorff. The first of it's kind in the UK.

Help increase the root system by up to 150%.

Great for plants such as rhododendrons, blueberries and heather.

Strengthens the plant to help protect against frost, pests and disease.

4 x 5g is sufficient for approx. 20 litres of substrate.

Each Pack contains 4 x 5g sachets.

    Feeding recommendations:

    -Feed indoor plants every 2 weeks (5ml/L water).

    -Double the amount of feed for potted roses on patios (10ml/L water).

    -Plants that remain warm in the winter should be fed once every 4 weeks, wheras plants that remain cold should not be fed at all.

    -Not suitable for hydroponic cultivation.

    -Duration of nutrient effect is 2-4 weeks.

    To use simply pour the Ericaceous Mycorrhiza into the planting hole or substrate in the following ratio: 1 sachet per 5 litres of substrate or 2-3 existing plants. This should then be applied close to the roots, seeds or seedlings. Ericaceous Mycorrhiza should be used proportionally to the size of the planting hole: 1 sachet per 5 litre sized hole. This pack should be stored at room temperature, keep out of reach of children.