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Moss and Algae Killer - Fast Acting from Neudorff

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Neudorffs Organic Moss and Algae Killer removes moss and algae around trees, woody ornamental plants and from gravel paths. After treatment the path will be free of slippery and unattractive green coatings.

It does not take long for moss and algae to cause a green coating to appear on any surface permanently exposed to the elements.

This product is fast-acting, even at low temperatures. The active ingredient in Organic Moss & Algae Killer is a fatty acid also naturally found in pelargoniums. It leaves no brown rust spots behind and once the application is dry it is safe for children, dogs and cats to be allowed back into the treated area.

Active ingredient content 186,7 g/l pelargonic acid.

Complete herbicide for moss and algae, also effective against weeds and grasses.

Effective at low temperatures, biodegradable and suitable for use in gardens and on allotments.

1 litre concentrate bottle covers an area of 60m²

Instructions for use:

Mix 1 part to 5 parts water  ie.100ml mixed with 500ml of water for an area of 6m² weeds.

Drench the weeds thoroughly to guarantee an optimum absorption of the active ingredient.