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Neudorff Long Life Leatherjacket Nematodes

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Long life Neurdorff leatherjacket free nematodes to deal with a leatherjacket infestation and other garden pest problems. Safe to children, pets and wildlife.Leatherjackets are the larval stage of the crane fly or daddy-long-legs. Leatherjacket larvae are about 2.5cm (1" long), greyish black in colour, legless and with no distinct head.

This product also treats the following pests:  fungus gnat larvae, armyworm, artichoke plume moth, bluegrass weevil, caterpillars, cotton bollworm, cranberry girdler, cutworm, fall armyworm, flea (larvae, pupae), fly larvae, large pine weevil, mole crickets, navel orangeworm, sod webworm, strawberry root weevil,  wireworm, beet armyworm, black cutworm, codling moth, corn earworm, fruit fly, leaf miners, cucumber beetle.

In general, treat when larvae are present and actively feeding, usually from April until late June and again in August through to September. 

These nematodes are very susceptible to UV light and should be applied in the evening or on cloudy/overcast days.

Expiry date is Dec 2019                     

Can be stored between 10-30 degrees.

Treats 100sq.m

Nematode Type: Steinernema carpocapsae

1.Water the Lawn: Leatherjacket Free Nematodes are best applied when the lawn is wet. Time your applications around rainy periods or water lawn prior to application.

2. Place sachet into the watering can or sprayer: Open ziploc bag and place sachets into the Neudorff NemaSprayer or watering can.

A. Add water to the top of the Neudorff NemaSprayer and replace lid. Shake vigorously to evenly disperse nematodes. Attach garden hose to the Neudorff NemaSprayer and turn on valve fully open to evenly disperse nematodes.

B: Add water to the watering can and mix vigorously to evenly disperse nematodes.

3. Apply nematodes mixture to the lawn: Start spraying/watering the most affected area of lawn and complete spraying/watering  outwards to provide total nematode coverage.

4. Keep area moist for the next 3 days( or a week in dry weather): This ensures nematodes are flushed down into the root zone where feeding grubs are present. After spraying/watering is finished dispose of the used sachets(it is normal for some leftover inert carriers from inside the sachets to remain in the NemaSprayer/watering can).

Stored between 10-30 degrees.Use all at once.