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Ladybird Larvae (Release Bag 100)

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Ladybird larvae consume huge numbers of aphids (blackfly and greenfly) every day. They are a brilliant, form of natural pest control. The ladybirds and larvae supplied are adalia bipunctata commonly known as the 2 spotted ladybird and are one of the many native species in the UK.

Adult ladybirds lay up to 50 eggs every day, these are yellow and can usually be found under the leaves of plants. From egg to adult usually takes about 30 days so after a short space of time you will build up your own colony.

Do not introduce ladybirds before there is food about, as they will either starve, or eat each other!

These ladybird larvae come in a little bag which is just hung in a tree.

Treats up to 20m²

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Ladybird larvae should be applied when aphids are present on plants. The best temperature for the ladybirds is above 10°C. The larvae come complete with instructions.  Release in early morning or late evening from April, gently scattering over affected plants.

If you are using them in a glasshouse, you can introduce them a bit earlier.