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Insect Barrier Glue, Stop Crawling Insects

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This Agralan insect non drying glue will act as a deterrent, insects normally probe it with their antennae and turn away. It is most effective on a vertical surface.

Pots, benches and support poles may be coated. If it is applied to a band of pvc tape, it is more easily removed.

Outside areas may be isolated by erecting a low polythene fence with a band of glue on the outside.

The small Insect Barrier Glue is supplied in a 'thumb push' dispenser will will create approx 5 metres of band.

The large one can be used in a standard 'Mastic Gun' (not supplied) and creates approx 20 metres of band



Use in standard ‘Mastic Gun’. Remove nozzle and cut off the end of the cartridge. Replace nozzle and cut tip to required width. Place cartridge into gun and apply glue as an even band. If the glue is cold, it may be warmed by immersion in hot water prior to use.


Remove black plunger from the side of tube. Cut off the end of the cartridge, ensuring the glue is exposed, and screw the enclosure nozzle onto the end. Cut off at least one third of nozzle. Insert open the end of plunger into the dispenser, pressing down to force the glue through the nozzle. Apply glue as an event band. 

Areas of use:

This dispenser contains a non-drying adhesive suitable for use as a barrier against crawling insect pests. Fruit and ornamental trees may be protected in the winter against Winter Moth and during the summer to discourage ants which encourage aphids (Blackfly, Greenfly, Wooly aphids). Container and pots may also be protected against vine weevil.

In the Greenhouse:

An entire greenhouse may be protected by running a treated band around the base, preferably applied to a strip of PVC insulating tape so that it can be easily removed. Individual plant pots or bench areas may be protected by a surrounding band of glue.

In the Garden:

Insect Barrier Glue can protect mature trees by applying two ¼” (0.6cm) bands of adhesive 2” (4.8cm) apart, directly around the trunk. Young trees should be protected by applying glue to PVC tape stretched tightly around the trunk. Check regularly and removed debris. Treat early summer and again in the autumn.

In the Home:

Glue applied to a strip of PVC tape at the base of a doorway will help keep out unwanted pests (e.g. Ants)


This glue is very sticky. It can be removed from hands with a proprietary hand cleaner and from other surfaces using white spirit.


When glue is cold it may be difficult to dispense. This may be overcome by warming the tube in hat water prior to use. If dispensing is difficult, the end of the cartridge has not been cut off completely.

Check glue bands regularly to ensure that debris is not present which will bridge the gap between the bands and enable insects to cross.


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