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Indoor Electronic Pest Repeller

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Force mice, rats and crawling insects such as ants and spiders out of your home with the help of these Indoor Pest Repellers.

Deterring these unwanted visitors couldn’t be easier, simply plug the repeller into an unobstructed socket and the high frequency ultrasound waves will cause the pests to flee.

For coverage of all the little hiding places in your house (inside walls, ceilings, attics ect.) use the Indoor Pest Repeller 2500 or 4000, they have the additional feature of an Electromagnetic setting.

This releases a low frequency sound that carries through all the electrical wires running through your house and will be heard by the pests seeking refuge in the areas that the ultrasound can’t reach.

Both the Ultrasound and Electromagnetic settings are inaudible to humans, dogs, cats, fish or birds.

Rodent pets such as hamsters, gerbils and rabbits should be kept out of the room where the product is being used, as they can hear the ultrasound.

Ultrasound settings:
Rodent - 26KHz. Blue LED flashes.
Insect - 40KHz. Blue LED steady.
Spider - 50KHz. Blue LED flashes quickly.
Pet-Safe - Use if you have a rodent pet (hamster, gerbil, rabbit etc. in the same room).
NOTE: Ultrasound signal is most effective in the room where the unit is plugged in.

Electromagnetic setting:
Normal - repeating cycle where the red light is ON for about 10 mins, then OFF for the next 10 mins.
Boost - Red LED flashes.
NOTE: Electromagnetic signal works through every electrical cable in the house.


The 2500sq.ft (Most Popular) and 4000sq.ft both works in the same way as the 1000sq.ft, however, these bigger units also work on an electromagnetic pulse as well. This means they work through the wiring of the whole house and not just reliant on the ultrasonic part in the one room. The 2500sq ft will cover a house up to this size and the next step up covers a large house up to 4000sq ft, both of these have a boost function to ensure they cover two floors and not just the one level where they are plugged in on.

Indoor Pest Repellers have no effect on Children, Pregnant Women, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Flying Insects, Reptiles or Fish


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