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Hedgehog Retreat

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This charming hedgehog retreat will keep hedgehogs safe in your garden. Hedgehogs do no harm to your garden and are brilliant for keeping down the pests they especially like eating slugs.

Providing a retreat ensures they do not take shelter in a compost heap or a bonfire which can be dangerous to them. The retreat provides shelter from predators such as foxes, badgers and dogs.

This charming, rattan finish retreat is constructed from a rustproof steel frame with a waterproof lining. The tunnel entrance gives added protection from predators.

It can be covered with extra leaves and foliage to create a perfect spot for hedgehog hibernation. It's spacious enough to provide shelter for a mother hedgehog and her hoglets.

Place in a sheltered spot in your garden facing away from the wind, place some dry leaves inside for nesting material.

Size: H:20 x W:40 x L:60cm

Siting: Choose a quiet position out of the prevailing wind in an area with some nearby cover (areas of the garden with slugs and a natural food source) under a hedge is ideal.

Pile leaves or short grass around the hogitat and a little inside.

Size: Height: 220mm Width: 590mm Depth: 530mm Door opening size: 14cm x 14cm

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