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Hogitat Hedgehog Care Pack

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The hedgehog care pack contains a hogitat hedgehog shelter, a pot of Spikes Meaty Feast Hedgehog Food. The food is made from meat and animal derivatives, it contains no artifical ingredients, colours or preservative. The 100g serving portion in its own foil tray is ideal for one hedgehog per night. Meaty Feast may be served on its own or mixed with other hedgefood and always provide fresh water in a shallow bowl.

The fold out laminated hedgehog guide include gives information on hedgehog facts, health, care, feeding, benefits as well as information when you may need to call in the expert hedgehog rescue when things aren't quite right. A percentage of the sales of leaflet goes to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society so you are directly benefiting hedgehogs.

Hogitat size: 50cm x 43cm x 25cm Food pack: 100g