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Grow Your Own Bonsai Set - Olive

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This fantastic little grow your own bonsai tree gift contains everything you need to make growning a bonsai at home easy.

Growing Bonsai from seed is a real test of patients but is very rewarding. It can take up to 3 years before you have a tree you can start working on, but growing your own bonsai from seed gives you complete control over the health and development of your tree. It is also much cheaper than buying one that may become a sickly plant due to incorrect feeding and training when it was younger.

Sow indoors throughout the year. Place on a warm windowsill in a bright area which is not located next to a heat source such as a radiator.

The kit contains a bonsai pot with saucer, compost, sachet of seed, decorative blue slate chippings & detailed instruction booklet.
Variety: Olive (Olea Europaea)