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Green Garden Fleece 3m x 3.2m

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Strong and lightweight green garden fleece. Shade or insulate without condensation problems.

Easy to use and machine washable, and is also suitable for protecting tender plants.

This green fleece is 3m x 3.2m in size, suitable for protecting plants from the cold. Breathable material plus allows light through better than regular white fleece.

Greenhouse Insulation

In winter, the green fleece may be fixed inside the glass to give a ‘double glazing’ effect. It is easy to secure, simple to remove and is re-usable. In Aluminium greenhouses it may be fixed to glazing bars using clips or double-sided sticky pads. In wooden greenhouses it may be fixed to the glazing bars using drawing pins or double-sided sticky pads.

Bedding Plants

The green fleece may be used for overnight protection of bedding and other plants which are being ‘hardened off’.

Crop Protection

Certain vegetable crops may be damaged by winter frosts, in particular cauliflower. Cover crops with the green fleece during periods of cold weather. It should, however be removed during spells of mild wet weather. For extra protection double up by folding in half.

Re-use of the green fleece

If used with care, the material may be re-used several times. It is machine washable at a temperature not exceeding 40oC. It may be easily cut with sharp scissors. When not in use, store out of direct sunlight and in a vermin proof environment.
Length 3m
Width 3.2m
Weighs between 22-24g