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Grazers Cabbage White & Caterpillars RTU Spray

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Grazers for cabbage white butterflies is a new formula from Grazers which is highly effective against damage from cabbage white butterflies, aphids and other pests.

This safe and natural formula is sprayed directly on to the foliage which helps protect the plant from damage as well as stimulating and strengthening at the same time.

Completely safe to use on edible plants and is harmless to pets and wildlife.

750ml Ready to Use Spray

Treats an area of to 30 sq.m

Based on a specific calcium chloride solution, organic dispersant plus surfactant. The calcium source is a foliar fertiliser already used on veg/fruit and salad crops and in food production, though our inclusion is at much lower rates than fertiliser recommendation.

It does NOT contain any animal by products


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