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Grazers Cabbage White & Caterpillars RTU Spray

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The Grazers for cabbage white butterflies - the ultimate solution for protecting your garden from damaging pests. Our specially formulated spray is designed to effectively combat the destructive effects of cabbage white butterflies, aphids, and other common garden pests.

Our safe and natural formula is made from a specific calcium chloride solution, organic dispersant plus surfactant, and is sprayed directly onto the foliage of your plants. Not only does it protect your plants from damage, but it also strengthens and stimulates them for optimal growth.

Grazers for cabbage white butterflies is completely safe to use on edible plants and won't harm pets or wildlife. It works by making the leaves of the plant unappealing to adult cabbage white butterflies. Each 750ml bottle of ready-to-use spray can treat an area of up to 30 sq.m, making it perfect for both large and small gardens.

Our formula is also pollinator friendly, making it an ideal solution for those who want to protect their plants while still supporting the local pollinator population. It does not contain any animal by-products and is a perfect addition to any gardener's arsenal.

Don't let cabbage white butterflies and aphids ruin your garden. Try Grazers for cabbage white butterflies today and see the difference for yourself.

750ml Ready to Use Spray

Treats an area of to 30 sq.m

Based on a specific calcium chloride solution, organic dispersant plus surfactant. The calcium source is a foliar fertiliser already used on veg/fruit and salad crops and in food production, though our inclusion is at much lower rates than fertiliser recommendation.

It does NOT contain any animal by products

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