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Four Way Tap Manifold DW401P

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The Four Way Tap Manifold Will screw directly to any standard ¾” BSP tap. With nonstandard taps it is possible to obtain a thread adapter from a plumber’s merchant.

The perfect way to use your tap for automatic irrigation includes the use of water timers.

Screw a timer directly to one of the manifold outlets while a short length hose permanently attached to one of the other outlets can be used to fill watering cans, buckets ect.

Remaining outlets are free for longer hoses.

The directional outlets are able to face in the general direction of the hose reducing strain and avoiding kinking of hosepipe.

  • Thread adaptors for non standard taps are available from plumbers' merchants.

  • For outdoor use only

  • Tugging on the hose puts added pressure on the tap

  • Always disconnect from the tap prior to freezing water.


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