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Door Kit - Large Cages

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Additional fruit cage door. All our standard aluminium walk in cages come complete with one door but you can purchase an additional door(s) here.

Comes complete with everything you require to attach to any upright pole on your cage. Includes a door catch as well as three hinges. 

Please note netting is not included.

Build the door
Put the 3 Hinges onto one of the 1.85m tubes
Join the 2 x 750 & 1.85m tubes creating rectangle using the connectors
Slide the hinges onto the 2.2m upright tube
Push the Y connector into the top of the 2.2m tube
The door can be fitted anywhere on the cage but must be positioned so that the righthand side (if you are stood outside the cage) is next to an upright to enable the door catch to be fitted.
The door catch is made up of two pieces, the black cleat and metal pin. Place the black cleat around the upright next to the door and push the pin through the holes.
The pin can then be closed over the upright of the door to hold the door shut

AAL1 Large Anchors 300mm + 50mm Point (19mm)  = 1
AT191854 Aluminium Tubing 19mm x 1.854m             = 2
AT1923 Aluminium Tubing 19mm x 2.2m                      =1
AT19750 Aluminium Tubing 19mm x 750mm               = 2
JLDC Joiner Large Cage Door Catch                          =1
JLDOC Joiner Door Corner - Large                               = 4
JLDOU Joiner Door Upright                                          =1
JLHI Joiner Hinge                                                         =3


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