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Citrox P

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Citrox P is a disinfectant based on extracts of the citrus fruit.

It is effective against a wide range of bacterial, fungal and viral organisms. It also suppresses development of a range of algae. When used as directed, Citrox P is non-phytotoxic to a wide range of plants. It has a no insecticide properties and should have no effect against insect predators used in biological control programmes.

Citrox P may be used on most surfaces including glass, plastics, metals, paintwork, concrete, plaster and brickwork. Disinfection of pots, trays and other containers after cleaning should be dipped in a solution of Citrox P. Items should be left in the solution for at least 10 minutes to allow adequate disinfection. 

For most applications, Citrox P should be diluted 1 part of concentrate to 150 parts clean water.

1L makes 150 litres of solution.